About Us

Launched in 2010 by Ross Marino, CFP®, CPFA, Rekon Intelligence has hosted over 1,000 events for over 50,000 advisor attendees. We use the power of industry relationships and intelligence to help financial advisors make strategic decisions that grow their firm. An advisor himself, Ross knows that to be successful, advisors must leave their office and dedicate time to strategic decision making. Our events provide the environment for financial advisors to do that critical work.

Our Promise

Every Rekon event is meticulously planned with a thoughtful dedication to helping advisors make key decisions. Conferences end with Ross guiding advisors to set goals and determine the steps to achieve them.

Our Firm and Culture

Word is out. Rekon’s workplace culture is legendary. From the top down, our culture is our number one priority. We believe it is the reason for our firm’s outstanding growth and excellent reputation. We hire people who love to learn and grow, believe in the power of mind/body wellness, and encourage them to make an impact in the world. No matter how large our firm grows, we will stay true to these values.

Our Dedication

Our firm is dedicated to increasing diversity in our industry. While we support initiatives and partnerships to elevate women and minorities in our industry, we believe the best way to accomplish inclusion and equality is to be mindful as we work. Our team members, event committees, and speakers represent our hope for a diverse and impactful industry.