Join the 10,000+ advisors who have leveraged our fast-paced events since 2010. Network with local advisors, learn how top advisors capitalize on the current environment, and discuss what’s working now in the industry. Local events are partner supported, so there is no cost to attend for producing advisors and their teams.

Fast-Paced, Advisor-Run Events.

Our events are created, managed, and hosted by an advisor-run team, not by a sponsor. As your hosts, we have nothing to sell you... we only want to help you grow  your business!


We also know how valuable your time is, so we created a fast-paced event format to maximize the value advisors get out of our events, without limiting the important things.


And did we mention that they're free? All of our events are fully funded by contributing partners, so currently practicing financial advisors can attend any of our events completely free of charge.


Relevant content with actionable ideas.

Most of the presentations at our events are 401(k)-plan-focused, although many of them include sessions on business development, marketing, networking, etc. All presentations are approved by our team and reviewed by practicing advisors to assure that they present the most value possible.